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How are you managing your Autodesk materials?

An often overlooked feature in the Autodesk design suites is the ability to save materials in an external library file. Autodesk material… more

Get control of your Revit Sheets

Learn how to manage your Revit sheets and organize your project browser to make sheets and views on sheets easy to find.

Didn’t Know you Could Do That…

I have been creating a lot of Revit Family Content lately. I just discovered an odd little item. Not sure there is… more

Text lists in Revit

Not sure when this one showed up in Revit. Anyone else totally miss Revit text bullet/number lists? Seems to me like it… more

Revit Guide Grids

I have had this post in my queue for a while now. Often when composing sheets in Revit, we have similar views… more

Tool to swap fonts in Revit files

Want to swap the font of several annotation items in a single step? Get the free BIMTools!

Autodesk University

Shiny new badge! With Central States Revit Workshop behind me, it is time to set my sights on AU2013. I’ll be there,… more

Generic Annotations in Revit

Generic Annotation families can have labels that report the same parameters that are used to flex the family! Cool.


Even on very small scale projects, BIM produces benefits!

Split Roof in Revit

I noticed a post on the Revit Users Forum on LinkedIn today, and I thought I would create a quick reply. The… more

Planting Columns

The last few months have been busy with work and alas I have not gotten a chance to revisit my Revit classical… more

Create a Groin Vault Roof in Revit

I received an email today asking me how to model a groin vault in Revit. In lieu of an email reply, I decided to record a quick video to show the basic steps.

Mass Colors

I saw a question on the LinkedIn Revit Users Ireland group and thought I would post a quick reply here since you… more

Creating Project Browser Folders

In Revit, you can add a custom parameter to the sheets to customize how they sort in the browser. Here is a quick tutorial on how to do it!

Another Buildz Echo!

Paper models at Buildz

Buildz and the new Repeat

Repeat curved panels and more…


Lot’s of good posts out there today.

Installing the Building Design Suite

My thoughts on installing the Building Design Suite Ultimate…

Revit Room Curiosity

Could Rooms really be In-Place Families? Interesting…

New in Revit 2013?

Double-click a Family to edit it in 2013.

My Favorite New Revit 2013 Feature

My favorite new Revit feature is…

Revit 2013

What’s new in Revit 2013

Revit View Range

Revit View Range, the lost video…

Revit Parameters

Revit has several types of parameters, but it can sometimes be confusing

All Capital Letters – ALT Part 2

Follow-up post to CAP fonts. More font choices

All Capital Letters – ALT

In response to Steve at Revit OpEd, we can achieve All CAPs in Revit Schedules another way…

M-six BIM toolset preview

New BIM tools delivering on the promise


In this class, a number of successful designs will be discussed, focusing on the work created for Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim, and in particular, the extremely successful Voyage of The Little Mermaid attraction

Custom Revit Elevation Tags – Part 2

Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to this post. In a post a couple weeks ago, I shared… more

Workset Crash Solved

I was having a similar issue. I placed a post about it on my blog and got some comments back, one of which directed me to this thread. Steve’s reply about the factory post (and disabling addons) did the trick!


Celestia is free and provides a complete simulation of the solar system and in fact the entire known universe…



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