There are a couple good posts out there today:

Over on What Revit Wants:

I was glad to see they mentioned the new libraries feature. I think this might be one of the best new features in 2013. This effectively eliminates the need to create “paint chips” and copy and paste between projects. You simply load a material library now! Outstanding.

This one references an old AUGI post, but a good one.

Over at Revit OpEd

Always a good conversation. I think that every project team should think very carefully before creating dedicated Worksets. If you can achieve what you need with borrowing, it is typically easier for the team. My rule of thumb: “have as many Worksets as the project NEEDS, and as FEW as possible”. Naturally this is a little vague, but that is the point. Each project needs to consider all of the issues and come up with a solution that is right for them to avoid the “Tuesday meeting” as Steve mentions.


Interesting points made here. I will have to think about that one a little…


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