Revit 2013

David Light has done it again. Terrific and thorough post on what’s new in Revit 2013.

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  2. oCTAVIO j. VENEGAS says:

    Wonder why an advanced architecture program like Revit still do not has a native PDF maker like AutoCAD. It is known in the profession that PDFs are used to send updates to clients and General Contractors, and to communicate with the MEp coordiantion people. Also, students send the PDfs of their work to prospective employers when they are looking for work.
    There are plenty of free PDFs makers around, but these have the caveat that come with advertisements and you have to negotiate continuous interruptions when using these, etc., not counting the possibility that they add unwanted spyware and other things into the recipient’s computer system.
    Any ideas?

    • Paul F. Aubin says:

      I cannot give the exact reason why Revit does not have PDF, particularly since AutoCAD does, but I speculate it has something to do with licensing the PDF creator.

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