Create a Groin Vault Roof in Revit

I received an email today asking me how to model a groin vault in Revit. In lieu of an email reply, I decided to record a quick video to show the basic steps. I started with a simple extrusion roof using a half-round arc. Then drew a second one at 90 degree. Next you use the join roof command on the Modify tab to connect them together. I tried using a dormer opening to cut the underside of the groin vault. I did not have much success in this attempt, but I think it had more to do with the fact that my geometry was perfectly flush at the bottom. I had the same issue with joining the roofs in the step above and so had to make the intersection barrel vault slightly shorter to get it to work. So perhaps if I also made it slightly above the Level 2 plane, it also would have worked with the dormer opening. Instead, I went with an in-place void form in the video. Finish it off with cut and join geometry.

Here is the video on YouTube. Enjoy.

I got lots of replies on this one, including this video response.

And here is part 2 from me:

And dare I say, here is a better solution by Jay Zallan:

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