Conference Sessions: Displace Elements

Autodesk Revit Now Has Explode!…Well, Not QuiteClick to Open

Level: Basic

Got your attention, didn’t I? Well thankfully, not that kind of explode, but rather “exploded” axonometric views. Using the new Displace Elements feature in Autodesk Revit-based software, we can create custom 3D views that “pull apart” our model to show how it fits together. This powerful tool is a great way to visualize any part of your Revit project. This feature can enhance nearly any kind of communication—from details and presentation views to marketing brochures and even product design documents. The best part is, the displaced view feature is view specific! This means that your exploded 3D view is a unique view of the model that does not affect any other view. However, as you would expect, changes to the main model do affect the exploded view as well. In this class, we walk through the process to create a displaced 3D view. We create the view, enable displacement, learn to move the pieces, and even add path lines to show where they came from. The potential that this tool opens up is vast, so come and have a look at this exciting new feature in Revit 2014!