Conference Sessions: Shared Coordinates

Coordinate systems in Revit

The Revit Theory of Relativity: Understanding Shared CoordinatesClick to Open

Level: Intermediate

Anyone who has used Revit for a while knows that the mere mention of shared coordinates always gets the attention of users both new and old. Let’s face it, Revit’s way of handling coordinate systems is unique. But unique doesn’t make it any less powerful than other software. In fact, Revit’s approach is quite powerful indeed. In this class we will walk through a few file linking scenarios using Shared Coordinates. The goal will be to remove some of the mystery surrounding this sometimes baffling topic. We’ll explore common scenarios involving single buildings, multiple buildings and how to both set up coordinates and maintain them as a project progresses. We won’t cover every possible approach to using coordinates in this lab. But we will cover solid and reliable ways to use shared coordinates to ensure that your models are always positioned correctly.