Conference Sessions: 3D Printing

Desktop Manufacturing

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Level: Basic

Perched atop the majestic hilltops in Tuscany, Volterra is an ancient Italian city, continuously inhabited for 3 millennia. This session explores the use of lidar and photogrammetry to capture and compile point clouds, mesh models, Revit models and virtual reality experiences documenting the city’s priceless treasures. Participants in International Reality Capture Workshops, held annually in Volterra, gain unique access to equipment, expertise and timeless architectural and archaeological treasures. The team consists of professionals from around the globe and local practitioners living and working in and around Volterra. This session will take you on a tour of Volterra and the data captured there (over 3 terabytes!) We’ll explore the point clouds, the tools we used to process them, Building Information Models created from the data, and finally some video and virtual reality experiences of the results. This session will show you a small cross-section of this exciting and ongoing work!

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Level: Basic

3D Printing has been around for years. But until recently you had to have access to very pricy equipment in educational institutions or large corporations. But with the advent of many consumer and prosumer level machines priced around $1000, 3D printing is poised to become mainstream. Add to this the ability to create 3D printer ready models directly from the software you use every day, and 3D printing is more accessible than ever! In this session, I will showcase a small 3D printer that you can purchase as a kit, assemble yourself and with free software, begin creating 3D printed models at home or in your office. We’ll discuss the machine (which I will have physically on premises), building the model in Revit and the accompanying considerations, and then show the print actually being made as well as a series of finished products.