Renaissance Revit: Creating Classical Architecture with Modern Software

By Paul F. Aubin

About the Book

Publisher: G3B Press
Paperback: 472
B/W Edition
ISBN-10: 1492150924
ISBN-13: 978-1492150923
Color Edition
ISBN-10: 1492976598
ISBN-13: 978-1492976592

Leverage the power of the Revit family editor to create complex forms drawn from classical architecture. This book brings together three of the author’s favorite things: architecture, history and Revit in a hands-on manual like nothing else available!

From the Foreword
“Paul Aubin has carved out a distinctive niche in the overlapping worlds of BIM, Revit & Education. He offers support to self-directed learners who have caught the BIM bug and are seeking greater fluency & deeper knowledge. To a large extent I think his success is rooted in his own eagerness to explore and learn; plus his ability to share that enthusiasm with others. In this book he has taken that approach to a new level, seizing on one of his long-term interests, embarking on a journey of discovery, and sharing the results with his audience…And there is no better way to deepen your insight than to build your own versions of the classical orders using a programme like Revit.

I think Paul has hit upon an explosive combination. Let him draw you in and take you on two rides for the price of one. Let the synergy generated by the disparate worlds of software & history drive your learning experience forward. You may well find that, like a child, you learn new skills and knowledge in an effortless riot of exploratory play…So buy the book, make the journey and take your BIM pencil for a walk across the virtual pages of history.”

Black/White Edition and Color Edition Now Available
There both a black and white and color edition of this title. Both editions are identical in content, topics and page layout. The book has over 450 images. In the black and white edition, all of the images are in grayscale. The Revit interface makes use of color in the interface elements, sketch modes, shaded displays and materials. In the color edition, all of the color is preserved and the images in the book match much more closely what you will actually see on your Revit screen. Furthermore, the color edition uses nicer weight paper with a smoother finish than the black and white edition. Naturally printing a book of this size in full color is more costly, but the quality of the final product is well worth the price. Please be sure to choose your preferred edition when ordering to get the correct price. If you have a discount code for the eStore, all discounts apply as a percentage and are valid on either edition.

Downloads (2)

For Downloads
A dataset is included with the book. You must own a copy of the book to learn how to access the files. The dataset is distributed as a digital download (no physical media) in two versions. The basic dataset includes only those files required to start each lesson. The basic dataset does not include any catch-up or completed files. Please refer to the "Book Dataset Files" topic in the book's Preface for details on how to access the included dataset files. A complete dataset is also available that contains all of the files in the basic dataset plus many intermediate "catch-up" files and the completed versions of each lesson. Registration is required to access the complete dataset. Registration is simple and not only entitles you to many more files than are included in the basic dataset, but you will also be eligible to receive updates to the book's files and other bonus files as they become available. Dataset files are free to owners of the book.

Both the basic and extended datasets are provided in Revit 2014 and 2012 formats.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Revit and Classical Architecture
Chapter 2 Understanding the Revit Family Editor
Chapter 3 Scaling and Proportion
Chapter 4 Constraining Curves
Chapter 5 The Tuscan Base, Capital and Pedestal
Chapter 6 Completing the Tuscan Order
Chapter 7 Managing Graphics
Chapter 8 The Doric Column
Chapter 9 The Doric Entablature
Chapter 10 The Ionic Order
Chapter 11 The Massing Environment
Chapter 12 The Column Shaft
Chapter 13 The Corinthian Capital
Chapter 14 File Management Techniques

Renaissance Revit: Creating Classical Architecture with Modern Software [B/W Edition] $42.95

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Renaissance Revit: Creating Classical Architecture with Modern Software
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