Mastering VIZ Render: A Resource for Autodesk ADT Users

By Paul F. Aubin & James D. Smell

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Mastering Autodesk Viz Render 2006: A Resource For Autodesk Architecural Desktop Users
By Paul F. Aubin & James D. Smell

About the Book

Publisher: Cengage Learning
Paperback: 432 pages
ISBN-10: 1418039632
ISBN-13: N/A

Autodesk® VIZ Render (VIZr) is the rendering and animation arm of Autodesk® Architectural Desktop: the leading architectural design and production software package. With VIZr you can bring your designs to life with stunning rendered images. The goal of this book is to familiarize both novice and experienced 3D artists with the process and capabilities of the ADT/VIZr tool set.

The primary focus of this text is the process of developing projects with ADT and VIZr, rather than lengthy disconnected feature descriptions. Learn ?how? to use each tool to maximum benefit and ?why? it is important to the overall process. Each chapter showcases a common project scenario and then details the process necessary to achieve results. Packed with tips, tricks and procedures along the way, you will soon be producing high quality results with software that you already own!

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Table of Contents

Preface and other Front Matter
Section I Understanding VIZ Render
Chapter I Getting Started
Chapter 2 User Interface and General Overview
Section II The Projects
Chapter 3 Models – Part 1
Chapter 4 Models – Part 2
Chapter 5 Exterior Daylight Rendering
Chapter 6 Interior Space with Daylight
Chapter 7 Exterior Nighttime Rendering
Chapter 8 Interior Space with Artificial Light
Chapter 9 Animation and Client Presentation
Section III Appendices
Appendix A Additional Exercises
Appendix B Online Resources
Appendix C Rendering Settings
Appendix D Render Times
Color Plates
Index and Back Matter

Mastering VIZ Render: A Resource for Autodesk ADT Users [Paperback]