Conference Sessions: Parts for Finishes

Finish Strong! Using Parts and Materials in Autodesk Revit to Designate FinishesClick to Open

Level: Intermediate

If you have tried to use Autodesk Revit software to produce finish plans or interior elevations, you may have found it challenging to develop an acceptable workflow. Many approaches are often employed; using materials, split face, and paint or simply using text notes and symbols. Each of these approaches has its benefits and its limitations. However, without one consistently reliable approach, the project team can suffer. Developments in recent releases of Revit offer a compelling alternative. Revit 2012 introduced parts and 2013 has overhauled materials. While neither of these feature enhancements was specifically designed for designating finishes, you can nonetheless build a very compelling workflow with parts and materials being the central component of the workflow. In this class, we will look at parts, understand their features, and couple them with the new materials functionality to make a very compelling workflow for designating and documenting finishes in your architectural and interiors projects.