New courses!

I am pleased to announce two new Revit courses on the video library authored by yours truly. Please visit my page at to learn about these and all of my courses. (Full disclosure: I get a small referral fee if you purchase from this link)

The two new courses are:

Migrating from AutoCAD to Revit

This course shows AutoCAD drafters and designers how to migrate their CAD workflow to Autodesk Revit software. Author Paul F. Aubin details how to transfer your files and explains key distinctions between the packages. Along the way, learn how to customize the Revit settings for optimal control, get a basic handle on the modeling tools, and adjust yourself to the differences in visibility, plot style, object creation, and the user interface.

Phasing and Design Options in Revit

Phasing in Autodesk Revit allows you to show the complete life cycle of a project, such as a before and after or existing and proposed status, while design options allow you to save multiple iterations of a concept in a single project file. In this course, Paul F. Aubin shows how to use phasing and design options to organize multipart, multifaceted projects in Revit. The course also covers adding and assigning phases to views, scheduling phases and designating future work, working with design option sets, and presenting complex designs to clients.

Both of these course are around 2 hours in length. They focus on specific topics rather than a comprehensive look at the software. If you want a more general look at Revit Architecture overall, you can check out my other courses at including Revit Architecture Essentials. There are also a few other courses on Revit there by other excellent authors as well. And if you want to learn more than just Revit, is the place to go. You can learn about nearly anything you like with new topics being added every day. I highly recommend it.

Comments and questions welcome. Please enjoy the new courses. Thanks!

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