Aubin Academy Revit Architecture 2013 is Available!

I am pleased to announce that my copy of The Aubin Academy Master Series: Revit Architecture 2013 and beyond is here and sitting on my desk. The title keeps growing as does the page count.

The Aubin Academy Master Series: Revit Architecture 2013 and Beyond

This edition weighs in at 898 pages (compared to the 2012 edition at 850). New features are interspersed throughout and the Stairs and Railings chapter got a major re-write this edition. I also added the new Divide and Repeat feature and many of the other smaller enhancements as well.

New in this edition, you will get access to a new CAD Connect website. There is a card in the back of the book for this with an access code. You can use this code to access new materials as we post them.

You can learn more about the book here. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thanks!

5 Responses to Aubin Academy Revit Architecture 2013 is Available!

  1. Patrick Mclaughlin says:

    Is there in the book now, or will you be addressing using Revit for sustainable design; energy models, daylighting etc

    And any chance of an iBook version/


    • Paul F. Aubin says:

      I did cover the new materials functionality including a quick look at the ability to assign R Values to materials. I do not have any other sustainable sustainable design info in the book at this time. Might be a good place for an update on CAD Connect. Stay tuned!

      Check out for eBooks and eChapters. Thanks.

  2. Firstly Hi Mr. Aubin

    we purchased your revit mep 2011 book last year and You can be sure ?? have learned revit mep from this book. I appreciate you and your team partners .But we are a company what is learning revit mep to new and as a country (turkey). For succesful I believe that Autodesk support shall help us about Revit mep Heat and Cool??ng Load Calculations. because Calculations we have done in revit mep is not true as E-20 Hourly analsys Program carrier . As a result of All Comprassion between revit mep and other programs we have seen Revit mep calculation engine isnot enough for us or We have some mistake we cannot sure. My request from All Mep support team is to prepare a Advanced heating and cooling calculation method statement or book or we wonder how u can use this calculations in usa buildings

    best regards

    Nurullah I??IK

    • Paul F. Aubin says:

      Hi Nurullah:

      Thanks for your comment. I will share around with my team and see if any of them have anything to suggest.

    • Paul F. Aubin says:

      HI Nurullah:

      Just a quick follow-up. I have passed your comments on the Autodesk development team. If I hear back I will let you know. Thanks.

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