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2012 Transit of Venus

June 5th 2012 treated clear sky viewers to a rare treat: the Transit of Venus across the disk of the Sun! Last one till 2117!

M-six BIM toolset preview

New BIM tools delivering on the promise

The Rise of the Planet of Revit

Just playing around and whipped up Ceasar’s window as a Revit Family.


Futility thy name is Outlook…

RTC Top CAT and KnowledgeSmart

This year at RTC, KnowledgeSmart decided to run a little skills competition that they called Top Cat. The results are in. You can see a complete break down over on the KnowledgeSmart blog

Holiday Wishes

Hello all. As we wind down the week and the year, I hope that everyone gets some time to spend with friends… more

Hey, I won the “goodest”

Having entered the  2nd Annual Parametric Pumpkin Carving Internationale! it appears my entry made the list! I was awarded the title of “goodest”.

Don’t forget to Vote!

Tomorrow is election day. I am not here to promote a particular candidate or agenda. I just want to be sure that everyone votes! Please get out there and vote.

Airplane spotted in Google Maps

Satalite photos capture a passing plane near the Museum of Science and Industry.

VICO Software is hiring

VICO Software is fast growing company offering 4D and 5D solutions to the AECO industry. And, they are hiring!



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