RTC Top CAT and KnowledgeSmart

RTC featured many exhibitors in its exhibit hall and among them was KnowledgeSmart, a company providing knowledge assessment skills tests for Revit and many other CAD and BIM applications. I have done work for the folks at KnowledgeSmart providing a bank of questions for their Revit Architecture exam. This year at RTC, they decided to run a little skills competition that they called Top Cat. The results are in. You can see a complete break down over on the KnowledgeSmart blog. Rory has done a very thorough job compiling these results and included many charts and graphs. Check it out!

If you are interested in a testing solution for your organization, the KnowledgeSmart approach is very well conceived. (I am not just saying this because I wrote some questions). I use their assessment for my college class final exam. The entire exam is web-based, so conceivably you can take it anywhere you have an Internet connection, (but you do also need the software: Revit or whichever tool you are testing). Questions can be knowledge based (true/false, multiple choice, fill in, etc) or can be hands-on. In a hands-on question, you are asked to download a file, perform a specified task and then answer a question based on the task completed. Everything is automatically scored and you see results immediately. Best of all administrators can customize the test to suit the needs of your users. You can learn more about KnowledgeSmart at their website.

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