Update to MEP 2014 Dataset

Just a quick post. We have posted an update to the dataset for Chapter 4 of the dataset for The Aubin Academy Master Series: Revit MEP 2014. A reader’s email tipped us off to some issues with the file. So if you have the book, visit the page here and download the file to replace your copy. Thanks.

2 Responses to Update to MEP 2014 Dataset

  1. Walter Carpenter says:

    The updated Chapter 4 file does not open properly, has several warnings.

    • Paul F. Aubin says:

      Hello Walter:

      Thank you for the message. Sorry for the tardy reply, I was away at Autodesk University last week. Both myself and my co-author Darryl attempted to reproduce your issue. When I downloaded only the update, I received similar errors. However, when Darryl downloaded the full dataset first and then overwrote the original file in Chapter 4 with the update, he did not get any errors. So I suspect it has something to do with the paths saved in the files. I have my copies saved on a D Drive. Do you have yours saved on C Drive or some other drive? If they are not on C, that is probably the cause. If you are able to work from C that should solve the problem. Otherwise, you might have to reconnect the path to the linked files to get the rooms to sense the boundaries and correct the errors.

      Please let me know if that helps. Thanks.

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