New Revit video training coming soon

I am on my flight back to Chicago (literally on the plane – WiFi on planes… wow) from a week of recording in California. My part of the newest Revit course at is now complete! I am very excited about this new course. i can’t give all the details yet, but the course is focused on the conceptual massing environment. As soon as I have a green light, I’ll post some screen captures and links to preview videos.

Check back soon and I’ll have more info.

4 Responses to New Revit video training coming soon

  1. Ahmed says:

    Yes yes glad to hear this news thank you when it will come ?

  2. mehmet Dogu says:

    I had one of your book ‘Mastering Autodesk Architectural Desktop’ in 2002.
    then returned to Revit Architecture and never looked back any Autodesk Cad progs!
    I think you made Autodesk revit Architecture, more popular and more marketed with your effords of work. The others keep imitating your work!

    I enjoy your training videos.
    everything is great.

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