New Edition of BIM After Dark (by the Revit Kid!)

Happy New Year. This blog has been quiet of late. My apologies. Life got very busy toward the end of the year. I’ll try to get some good content posted this year. Let’s start with a review of the latest edition of: BIM After Dark. BIM After Dark, Volume II is the second video series by Architect Jeffrey Pinheiro of Revit Kid fame. Jeffrey sent me an advance copy of the series to review. After watching the series, my simple review is: highly recommended, get yourself a copy as soon as it becomes available. Click here to learn more on when and how much.

Here is my more complete review. Enjoy!

Jeffrey Pinheiro has just released volume 2 of his excellent BIM After Dark series and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. Perhaps you had a chance to check out BIM After Dark Volume 1 where Jeffrey (A.K.A The Revit Kid) expertly shared all of his presentation tips and secrets. Well volume 2 shows you that The Revit Kid knows a thing or two about construction documents as well. Volume 2 is six full hours of information packed goodness. Each video focuses on a certain aspect of the construction documentation process starting with taking a design model and saving it as a new CD project. Then he jumps right in and shows us how to clean up the project, organize the views and transition the data over to the CD phase. You’ll learn how to add a custom sort parameter for views and sheets and use this to organize the views into a logical working structure. If your project is too big for your sheets, Jeffrey illustrates how to use scope boxes and dependent views to carve them up in to manageable pieces and even place each piece on its own sheet complete with a customized key plan to go along with it.

Once you have all your views established, Jeffrey walks you through many simple tricks to quickly set up your sheets. For example my favorite tip was how you can copy and paste empty sheets on the project browser. I will definitely be using that one! I also like the trick about dragging views to a different sheet, but unfortunately Revit makes us place the view on the new sheet. How much cooler would it be if it just went to the same location on the new sheet? Oh well, maybe in the next release of Revit. Jeffrey also points out how to reuse legend views (or more appropriately overcoming Revit’s limitations in this regard) and placing schedules on more than one sheet. You’ll get lots of useful tips on everything from dimensioning, to rooms, to tagging, setting up ceiling plans, working with view templates, wall sections and more. If you have a question on virtually any aspect of creating construction documents in Revit, BIM After Dark Volume II has you covered.

All of the sample files you see in the videos are available to download with the video lessons. Best of all, you can reuse many of the resources Jeffrey shares in the videos later in your own projects. I highly recommend BIM After Dark Volume II. Head on over to today and check it out.

Edited: Jeffrey just contacted me and offered readers of this blog a 20% discount on either Volume I or II of BIM After Dark. Just input offer code: “paul” when you checkout. Thanks Jeffrey!

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