New book for Revit MEP

I usually wait till I have actual copies of the book in my hand before I post to say that they are available, but it does appear that the new book: Aubin Academy Master Series: Revit MEP 2011 is starting to become available at the various sales outlets. It is listed on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but Amazon seems to have a VERY long ship time listed currently. Meanwhile, Barnes and Noble claims it ships in 24 hours!

I will post here when I do

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  1. Paul F. Aubin says:

    No sooner did I post this and now they say that they don’t have copies avaiable… GRRRR…

  2. Paul F. Aubin says:

    Looks like the publisher’s site may be the only place that actually has it for shipment right now.

    Stay tuned…

  3. John Messick says:

    I just got my copy but the downloads are not available on What is up with that?

  4. Paul F. Aubin says:

    My appologies for this. It should be posted any day now. There was an issue with the file and they had to take it down and replace it. I am not sure why it is taking so long, but hopefully it will be posted soon. In the meantime, I have posted the file to my site. You can find it at my most recent blog post:

  5. just need to know says:

    some one tell me about revit mep 2012 electrical .

    open the electrical template and now i have to hand load plenty of seperate items.

    tell us why when i pick a fixture and place it on a given level it refuses to show , now i try to use 3d and this helps buy what is the story.

    as always the help files are totally worthless , thank you autodesk for waisting space ..

    every thing is not on the internet and utube ,,every thing is half baked and poorly presented and out of date…

    mostly i find the mep electrical just hard to use..

  6. Paul F. Aubin says:

    Hello “just need to know”, thank you for your comment. Our guess is that you are starting a project based on electrical-default.rte template, which contains mostly face-hosted content. The content is face-hosted because most electrical components (lighting switches, receptacles, panels, etc???) ???live??? on walls. Without faces in the project (i.e., walls) there is no obvious way to create an electrical ???drawing???.

    If you have our book and you go through the project setup chapter then the electrical chapter, this shoudl help you a lot. Both of these chatpers are based on default templates.

    Hope that helps.

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