New AutoCAD Books have arrived

Aubin Academy AutoCAD Books on my desk
Last week I received copies of the latest edition of  The Aubin Academy Master Series: AutoCAD MEP 2011 and today I received my copies of The Aubin Academy Master Series: AutoCAD Architecture 2011. Course|Notes for each of these titles and Revit Architecture are also available leaving only The Aubin Academy Master Series: Revit MEP 2011 book and Course|Notes outstanding. We have suffered some unfortunate delays this year, but I am pleased to finally have the books out on the street and ready to go. If you wish to learn more, you can visit the book pages for each above.

And now an apology:

David Koch has been a longtime contributor to the AutoCAD Architecture book. He has assisted me in at least the last three editions. This year, I worked on four books and David took on the lion’s share of the work for the AutoCAD Architecture book. David is compensated for his efforts, but I had intended to also reward him by placing his name as a contributor on the cover of the book.

Alas, it appears there has been an oversight at the publisher and this did not occur. My apologies David, you really deserve the recognition. I will make certain that this does not happen again next year.

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  1. Paul F. Aubin says:

    What are you uncertain about? Can you be more specific? Thanks.

  2. Dmitriy says:

    Hi! I study with your book AutoCAD MEP 2011! The book is cool! But in Chapter 6 I use the your “MasterMEP 2011″dataset for making layout and there is no opportunity to choose “Threaded ??? Class 3000 – Forged Coupling” in the “Create a Routing Preference” – because it is not in list. Also, there is no other types, which you said to use. I have connect in MEP catalog your files with pipes, and I have done “Rebuild catalog” – not works. Please, tell me, how I can solve this issue? Thank you.

    • Paul F. Aubin says:

      Hello. Thank you for your comment. Did you visit the book page here? You can find an update to the Chapter 6 dataset that we posted some time ago. I believe this might solve your issue. Thanks.

  3. Dmitriy says:

    Hello, Paul! Thank you for reply. Yes, i have downloaded and have used dataset, which you recomend here. And I got those issues with it.
    Also, there is no update on the book page – only one original dataset.

    May be, the problem is because i use Russian version of software and here is no “Cast Iron Pipe(US Imperial)” at all.

  4. Dmitriy says:

    Paul, i am sorry for my insistence, but in this update files are similar with files in original dataset, and there is no “Cast Iron Pipe (US Imperial)”. Thanks for your patience.

  5. Gregg Stanley says:


    The Russian version does not contain the US Imperial catalog, therefore you will not be able to use the dataset as indicated. Unfortunately we do not have a metric dataset at this time. You can use one of the Global routing preferences instead. Please try to use Generic Cast Iron Pipe & Couplings found in the new drawing template.

    The building is also drawn using imperial, so it will cause some issues if you try to use it as a background. I will ask Paul to provide a link to the Metric building. You will need to recreate the starting point for each chapter, by saving a Global Template as the file name and then picking appropriate parts that correspond to the US version.

    Hope this helps.


    • Paul F. Aubin says:

      The metric version of the building itself is available as part of the download for Aubin Academy Master Series: AutoCAD Architecture 2011. The book page is here. You can download the metric dataset, and then use the Chapter 18 version of the building as your background as Gregg said. However, also as Gregg noted, there is no metric for the MEP stuff. Our apologies on that.

      • Dmitriy says:

        Gregg, Paul, thank you for your attention to my problem. I will try to do what you told me and will report you the result.
        One more question – may be it is easier for me to use US Imperial catalog within my Russian version? Could you send it to me or put somewhere i can download it. Or it will break license agreement?

        Your book is the one about AutoCAD MEP 2011, that i have found in the internet and there is no translation on Russian. Is it expensive to translate it to Russian and make Russian edition and sell it here in my country? How much books must be sold to recoup translation, editing and publication?

        • Paul F. Aubin says:

          Hi Dmitry:

          The Imperial file is very large, nearly 1.5 GIG and installing it is tricky at best. I think the best solution is follow Gregg’s recommendation and try to choose the closest metric item to the one indicated in the text. The other steps shoudl match, just your content choices will vary. Hope that helps. Good luck.

  6. Gregg Stanley says:

    Hi Dmitry,

    We are interested in translating our books into other languages and have begun the process for Chinese, if you have a Russian Publisher who is interested in tanking on this project please email the information directly to Paul. The local publisher would then provide the necessary translation work needed.

    Thank you,

    Gregg Stanley

    • jones brian boyles says:

      does National books store has this book…?

      • Paul F. Aubin says:

        These books are now several years old. You can still find copies on and on eBay. You may also be able to find in used bookstores and other online sources. Good luck.

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