Cross Post

I wrote an article for’s blog recently on the migration from AutoCAD to Revit. You can read the complete post here.

2 Responses to Cross Post

  1. David William Edwards says:

    One of things that I keep having to remind users is that Revit was designed with the intent to “supplant” AutoCAD. It seems to have an arrogance that they do things better or more modern than AutoCAD and eschew many of the time tested features and procedures. Even though Autodesk now owns Revit, this attitude (especially as shown in feature additions) still seems to be prevalent.

  2. Paul F. Aubin says:

    True enough. I always tell people that Revit is a stand-alone product. “No AutoCAD Required”. But having said that, there is still plenty of AutoCAD DWG files out there and plenty of people will continue to use AutoCAD for the foreseeable future. So it is good to have strategies and ways to work together between the two.

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