I have been in the AEC industry for just over 30 yrs.  As an architect, CAD Manager, and now BIM Manager.  In that time I have worked with several consulting companies, until I met Paul Aubin. I have now had the pleasure of knowing and working with Paul for more than half my time in this business. He has helped us transition from CAD to BIM very smoothly. He has worked closely with us to develop all our Revit templates and family content. Then he trained our employees using that same content, so their transition into real projects was effortless.

Paul is very flexible and accommodating when scheduling additional training or content development.  He is always willing to answer questions via email or even phone call as well. Paul always gives us such personal service that it makes me feel like we are his only client.  If you’re not working with Paul Aubin Consulting Services, you’re not working at your full potential.

Frank Balnius

Solomon Cordwell Buenz

— Frank Balnius, BIM Manager

Solomon Cordwell Buenz

Paul developed custom content for our firm that enhanced the reliability of our design efforts and provided more efficient interaction with the software.  His expertise and knowledge of design and the software we use made him a perfect fit for the efforts we assigned to him.  Our firm is more effective in the use of the software and our internal staff was enhanced through his training efforts.

— Mark Kiker, CIO

HMC Architects

Having known Paul for over twenty years, I know he has a broad understanding of the A/E/C industries. Paul’s experience in our industry offers him a unique perspective, allowing him to match the capabilities of today’s technology with the requirements necessary to produce a professional set of documents.

Since Paul runs his own business, he also understands the importance of efficiency and values the cost to a business, of training employees.

Giuliani Associates Architects has been a client of Paul’s company for years. Whether it’s over the Internet or in person Paul always educates us with courtesy and professionalism.  He is a natural professor.

— Mark L. Giuliani, President

Giuliani Associates Architects, Inc.

Paul Aubin is an instrumental part of WBRC Architects Engineers being able to transition from AutoCAD Architecture to the Revit family of software. His book series on Mastering Autodesk Architecture and Mastering Revit Architecture are excellent tools. Most importantly his ability to come into our office and access our needs, put together a training plan and provide instruction to 20+ people during a weeklong training session speaks volumes to his knowledge and talents. Paul has always been available after our training to answer questions via phone, email and go to meeting when necessary. I look forward to our next annual  training session.

— Keith Jewell, Associate

WBRC Architects

The Consultant

Paul F. Aubin has been providing training, implementation and support services to architects and other AEC industry professionals for over twenty years.

Specializing in Revit Architecture, Paul is committed to helping clients achieve success in their software implementation. Paul offers a variety of Revit services from essentials training to specialized implementation assistance and hands-on project team coaching and collaboration.