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Taming Parametric Curves in Revit Family Editor

Have you ever tried to control the shape of a curved form parametrically in the Family Editor? If so, you’ve no doubt …

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Create A Parametric Ionic Column Revit Family

preAre you tired of boring box families? Ever heard anyone say: “You can’t do that in Revit®?” Well in this lab, we …

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Revit Family Content You Decide

If you use Revit in your work every day, you have no doubt discovered how important it is to have good family …

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Revit Family Editor – Beyond the Basics

Success with the family editor is so much more than creating simple objects with flexible dimensions. This two-part session will dispense with …

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Revit Families: Step-by-Step Advanced Concepts

The power and potential of the Autodesk Revit Family Editor is vast, and 90 minutes just doesn’t do it justice. Dispensing with …

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Parametric Classical Orders – A Journey with Revit Family Editor

Years ago I began exploring the possibilities of creating the classical orders of architecture in Revit software. Parametric families are the cornerstones …

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