Update to Dataset for Revit MEP book

We have posted an update to the datset files for The Aubin Academy Master Series: Revit MEP 2012.

You can visit the book page and scroll down to the downloads section to find it. It shoudl be posted to the CengageBrain site soon too.

When we prepared the files for the book, we really wanted to emulate the real life experience as much as possbile. Therefore, we created many of the chapter datasets using Worksharing. We assumed that since our files are installed to your C Drives, that Revit should be able to find the Central Files OK and all would be well. Alas this has not proven to be the case. It seems that Revit is looking at the actual machine name for the Central File rather than simply the C Drive. So if you wanted to use the datasets as originally published, you would need to detach them from Central and then resave them as a Central File. To save you the effort, we have produced non-Workset versions of the files for Chapters 4, 5 and 7.

The need for this update came from comments by one of our readers. So your comments are most welcome and much appreciated. Please keep them coming and thank you to all who have commented and offered suggestions.

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