Revit Technology Conference: June 19 – 21, 2014

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Paul is the author of many CAD and BIM book titles including the widely acclaimed: The Aubin Academy Mastering Series titles and Revit video training for Paul is an independent architectural consultant who travels internationally providing Revit® and AutoCAD® Architecture implementation, training, and support services. Paul’s involvement in the architectural profession spans over 20 years, with experience that includes design, production, CAD management, mentoring, coaching and training. He is an active member of the Autodesk user community, and has been a top-rated speaker at Autodesk University for many years and has also spoken at the Revit Technology Conference (RTC) in both the US and Australia. His diverse experience in architectural firms, as a CAD manager, and as an educator gives his writing and his classroom instruction a fresh and credible focus. Paul is based in Chicago and is an associate member of the AIA.

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From Revit to 3D Print in 75 Minutes & Under a Grand!

Friday, June 20, 2014
9:00AM – 10:15AM

3D Printing has been around for years. But until recently you had to have access to very pricy equipment in educational institutions or large corporations. But with the advent of many consumer and prosumer level machines under $1000, 3D printing is poised to become mainstream. Add to this the ability to create 3D printer ready models directly from the software you use everyday and 3D printing is more accessible than ever! In this session, I will showcase a small 3D printer that you can purchase as a kit, assemble yourself and with free software, begin creating 3D printed models. We’ll discuss the machine (which I will have physically on premises), building the model in Revit and the accompanying considerations, and then show the print actually being made as well as a series of finished products. The session would combine Revit modelling tips for 3D printing, a little on the hardware and other hardware options, and live and tactile demonstrations.

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Traditional Family Editor vs. Conceptual Massing Environment (Forum)

Friday, June 20, 2014
4:15PM – 5:30PM

Creating custom family content in Revit has always been a bit challenging to master. In recent versions of Revit it is even more so thanks to Conceptual Massing Environment. When it first came out (back in 2010) I assumed it would be transitional and that eventually the tools and features of the traditional and massing environments would be merged together to make a single and more powerful family editor. But alas, this is not the case. So here we are several releases later with two similar, but very distinct family editing experiences. This wouldn’t be such an issues except for the fact that you cannot easily move between the two. Take profile families (vs the need to use Generic Models in massing) as an example or the inability to copy and paste between the two environments and you can begin to understand the issue. In this session, we’ll look at a side-by-side comparison of the two environments and then open it up to discussion from the group. Both your questions and your expertise are welcome in this session. Come join the conversation.

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Throw Your Family a Curve (Lab)

Saturday, June 21, 2014
1:00PM – 3:45PM
Have you ever tried to control the shape of a curved form parametrically in the Family Editor? If so you have no doubt discovered that flexing them sometimes throws you a curve ball. In this session, we will explore several techniques to tame your unruly parametric curves. We will look at examples of circles, arcs, quarter round, half round, arches and even throw in some splines. We will look at both simple and compound curves. We will work primarily in the traditional Family Editor but will discuss how techniques apply to the massing Family Editor environment as well. We will explore curvature, rotation and throw in some trigonometry for good measure. After this session, I cannot guarantee that you will never have another misbehaving curve in your family content, but what I can promise is that you come away with several useful tools to help you tame them when curve mischief strikes!

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The Consultant

Paul F. Aubin has been providing training, implementation and support services to architects and other AEC industry professionals for over twenty years.

Specializing in Revit Architecture, Paul is committed to helping clients achieve success in their software implementation. Paul offers a variety of Revit services from essentials training to specialized implementation assistance and hands-on project team coaching and collaboration.

The Author

Paul F. Aubin is an accomplished author of several books and training videos on Autodesk building industry software such as Revit and related BIM software tools and procedures.Paul’s books and videos are tutorial based and emphasize proven best practices. With several years’ experience in architectural practice, Paul focuses heavily on the process of using the software to create architecture and perform architectural tasks. Since his first book: Mastering Autodesk® Architectural Desktop, published in 2002, Paul’s books have received abundant praise and remain brisk sellers in the BIM, CAD and Drafting markets. You can see his latest offerings here.