2017 Midwest University

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In this session you’ll gain the skills you need to begin getting the most out of your Revit Material Libraries. Learn to create and manage material libraries and share them with any Revit project or family. Create custom procedural materials and even image-based materials from your own photographs.

All model elements in Revit use materials, but if you like many Revit users, you have probably not spent much time in the Material Editor beyond simply selecting from the existing list. Considering how many times the factory has redesigned the material editor in recent years, it is no wonder that most users have tried to steer clear. In this lab, we will take a hands-on look at the material editor (which is now unchanged over the last couple releases). We will explore how to manage our material library, locate existing materials, add them to projects, families and more importantly to customized libraries that we can share with our teams. Next we will explore how to create custom materials. If you have always assumed that to get really robust materials that you had to leave Revit and use 3ds max or similar products, you might be surprised at just how much complexity is hidden away in the Revit material editor. We’ll explore both standard procedural textures and creating custom materials using photographs of real life materials. At the end of this session you will have the skills you need to begin getting the most out of your Revit Material Libraries.

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One of the most exciting new features to appear in Revit in some time is Global Parameters. What are global parameters you may ask? Global parameters bring the power of the family editor into the project environment! You can now create parameters and label dimensions directly in the project environment. Imagine being able to drive an offset distance between elements in multiple locations around the entire project, or driving instance parameters of several independent families from a single control panel. These are the kind of things that are possible with global parameters! In this session we will walk through several scenarios using GP to establish relationships in your projects. We will explore using them for establishing critical design dimensions and helping to check code requirements. We will also look at how GP can make your content even more robust by allowing you to control several separate families at once from a single parameter without needing to embed the families into one another first. If you want to explore the new and exciting global parameters feature, then this is the session for you!

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The Consultant

Paul F. Aubin has been providing training, implementation and support services to architects and other AEC industry professionals for over twenty years.

Specializing in Revit Architecture, Paul is committed to helping clients achieve success in their software implementation. Paul offers a variety of Revit services from essentials training to specialized implementation assistance and hands-on project team coaching and collaboration.

The Author

Paul F. Aubin is an accomplished author of several books and training videos on Autodesk building industry software such as Revit and related BIM software tools and procedures.Paul’s books and videos are tutorial based and emphasize proven best practices. With several years’ experience in architectural practice, Paul focuses heavily on the process of using the software to create architecture and perform architectural tasks. Since his first book: Mastering Autodesk® Architectural Desktop, published in 2002, Paul’s books have received abundant praise and remain brisk sellers in the BIM, CAD and Drafting markets. You can see his latest offerings here.