Maybe you know the power of Revit software’s Family Editor but you’ve avoided it or it has intimidated you until now. Wait no more. This session will introduce you to the basics of Family Editor. Once you get past being intimidated, you will find that while Family Editor is extremely powerful, it can actually be great fun. In this short introduction to Family Editor, we will create a Revit component family complete with constraints and parameters. Don’t worry if you don’t know what a constraint or parameter is—we’ll cover that too. Whether you’ve never worked in Revit software before, or you’ve used Revit software for a while but you’ve simply avoided Family Editor, this class will teach you the basics of the family editor in a simple step-by-step fashion. (The session uses architectural examples, but the concepts apply to all of the flavors of Revit software, including Revit LT software.)

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If you use Revit software every day as your primary production tool, you may often run into tedious tasks that you wish you could accomplish more quickly and efficiently. Have you heard that the Dynamo extension can help? But what if you’re not a programmer? Far too many tutorials start by dragging nodes and then end up writing code. If you’ve been frustrated trying to learn Dynamo because it seems all you ever see are code blocks, do not fear—this class uses NO code blocks. We will explore some very practical things you can do to automate your Revit software workflow, all with existing nodes. I repeat, there are no code blocks in this session. Just nodes and wires (and some logic). So, if you want to get a solid introduction to Dynamo for Revit software and come away with some practical examples that you can do back in the office without learning a ton of code, this is the class for you! This session features Revit, Dynamo, and Revit Architecture.

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So you’ve been asked to get the staff trained on new software and/or procedures. Whether you plan to do it in-house or contract it out, careful planning will help ensure that the experience is positive for all parties involved. So where should you begin? Having a clear set of expectations at each stage of the effort is critical to a successful outcome, but having a very clear idea of the desired overall outcome is a great place to start. There are plenty of other considerations: Should you do the training in-house or send your team to an established institution? How about an external consultant? What about training materials and learning content? Should you perform pre-assessments and post-assessments of attendees’ skill level? In this session, we’ll explore all of these issues and questions and more. And at the end, you will have a solid road map that you can adapt to your own situation, giving you the tools and strategies needed to design a successful training delivery system for your organization.

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The Consultant

Paul F. Aubin has been providing training, implementation and support services to architects and other AEC industry professionals for over twenty years.

Specializing in Revit Architecture, Paul is committed to helping clients achieve success in their software implementation. Paul offers a variety of Revit services from essentials training to specialized implementation assistance and hands-on project team coaching and collaboration.

The Author

Paul F. Aubin is an accomplished author of several books and training videos on Autodesk building industry software such as Revit and related BIM software tools and procedures.Paul’s books and videos are tutorial based and emphasize proven best practices. With several years’ experience in architectural practice, Paul focuses heavily on the process of using the software to create architecture and perform architectural tasks. Since his first book: Mastering Autodesk® Architectural Desktop, published in 2002, Paul’s books have received abundant praise and remain brisk sellers in the BIM, CAD and Drafting markets. You can see his latest offerings here.