Lab: Revit for Interiors: Essential Skills

Are you an interior designer thinking about using Revit? If so, wait no longer. Revit is a terrific tool for interior design. In this session, we’ll explore some of the essential skills you will need to begin. We’ll look at creating Revit models and setting up grids. We’ll add walls, doors and FFE. Place rooms and load them up with useful data and then use that data to help build schedules, create color fill plans, finish plans and quickly place room tags. And of course we’ll talk about importing CAD files too. Wrap it up with some export options and when you leave here you will be ready to begin your first Revit interiors project. If you are already using Revit for interiors, there will be some tips for you too, but this class is aimed at those just getting started. Wait no more! See for yourself what Revit has to offer.

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Is That New? New Stuff in the Family Editor and Some Stuff You Maybe Just Forgot…

If you have been creating family content for a while, you may have noticed that several releases have passed us by with nary a new feature in sight. However, there has been a steady trickle of new features that have crept into the family editor in recent releases. They just have not received much fanfare, so in this session we’ll play a little game of: “is that new?” Looking at new features like: Editing location points for room aware families. New family templates like the two level generic model The ability to reorder parameters and add parameter descriptions. We will explore how to create a three-point arc in adaptive components. And the newest new feature, the “load into project and close” feature. We’ll also look briefly at some syntax changes with formula functions that might impact some of your existing formulas. But we won’t just focus on new stuff. We will also look at some slightly obscure techniques that can provide some very useful features to your families. For example, we’ll learn how to: Make a parameter hidden in the project environment so you can use it to drive formulas without users inadvertently modifying it.(Because they won’t even know it’s there…) We will explore some interesting tricks using family types parameters like using them in formulas and using them to build drop-down lists. We’ll play some tricks with categories and shared vs. non-shared families. If you create family content even occasionally, there’s bound to be a topic or two in this session that will have you asking: “is that new?”

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The Consultant

Paul F. Aubin has been providing training, implementation and support services to architects and other AEC industry professionals for over twenty years.

Specializing in Revit Architecture, Paul is committed to helping clients achieve success in their software implementation. Paul offers a variety of Revit services from essentials training to specialized implementation assistance and hands-on project team coaching and collaboration.

The Author

Paul F. Aubin is an accomplished author of several books and training videos on Autodesk building industry software such as Revit and related BIM software tools and procedures.Paul’s books and videos are tutorial based and emphasize proven best practices. With several years’ experience in architectural practice, Paul focuses heavily on the process of using the software to create architecture and perform architectural tasks. Since his first book: Mastering Autodesk® Architectural Desktop, published in 2002, Paul’s books have received abundant praise and remain brisk sellers in the BIM, CAD and Drafting markets. You can see his latest offerings here.