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Revit Technology Conference Satchel Inserts

There’s still time to register for Revit Technology Conference (RTC). Sign up now and get a free copy of a very special and unique Revit training resource!

Upcoming Conferences

Last week those who submitted proposals learned about the status of their acceptance to speak at Autodesk University 2013. Hard to believe… more

AU2012 – Day 2

Boy has this week flown by. I am in my room after a long day 2 at Autodesk University 2012 (#AU2012). I… more

AU 2012

Just about ready for #AU2012. Boarding pass printed, class materials uploaded, schedule downloaded to iPhone, handouts annotated and printed for my classes,… more

AU Early Registration

I’m speaking this Fall at AU, Central States Revit Workshop and CAD Americas

Revit Technology Conference Wrapup

Another RTC event in the history books. Terrific event for anyone using Revit or related technologies in their work…

Revit Timeline at this year’s RTC

Preparations complete for this year’s Revit Technology Conference.

#AU2011 Resources Posted

#AU2011 is in the history books, but there is plenty more learning to do. My class materials are posted, and AU Online will provide recordings, papers and more soon.


In this class, a number of successful designs will be discussed, focusing on the work created for Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim, and in particular, the extremely successful Voyage of The Little Mermaid attraction

RTC Dataset Files

Dataset files from my sessions at RTC Australia

RTC Top CAT and KnowledgeSmart

This year at RTC, KnowledgeSmart decided to run a little skills competition that they called Top Cat. The results are in. You can see a complete break down over on the KnowledgeSmart blog

RTC Austrailia

I quite enjoyed the conference. It is smaller than Autodesk University and has a much more intimate feel, but it is every bit as informative.

Revit Technology Conference

In just a few weeks, the Revit Technology Conference debuts in North America.

Autodesk University – Day 3

Well that came quick! Hard to believe it is day three and I am sitting in my last class. I am done teaching. My fifth and last class was an hour ago.

Autodesk University – Day 2

Hard to believe it is already December 1st and the second day of AU! It was a good day today at AU.

Autodesk University – Day 1

AU is in full swing… the general session… was pretty impressive. From cool totally electric cars, to microwave powered commercial space craft to cloud computing and sexy cyborgs.

Autodesk University – Day 0

Arrived late last evening after a smooth flight in. Today is all the pre events, culminatining in various welcome parties this eveing.



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