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More Project Soane

Here is a follow-up post to my last post on Project Soane. The modeling phase is done. The Rendering phase begins soon!

Project Soane – The World’s first “Crowd Sourced” Revit Project!

Have you heard about Project Soane? Project Soane is a Worldwide effort to recreate Sir John Soane’s lost work at the Bank… more

Is Renaissance Revit ready for Revit 2016?

Renaissance Revit is ready for Revit 2016. There are some new features in the software, but an update to the book is not required!

Revit Corinthian – YouTube style

Taken from the pages of “Renaissance Revit: Creating Classical Architecture with Modern Software.” Watch a Corinthian Column Capital come to life inside of Revit Architecture. Start to finish!

Renaissance Revit Now Available

I am very pleased to announce that my new book: Renaissance Revit: Creating Classical Architecture with Modern Software is now available for purchase

Renaissance Revit Days Away

The difference between the two is ONLY in the printing. The black and white edition is the standard edition where all of the images are printed in grayscale. The color edition preserves all of the color and prints ALL images in color.

Revit and Classical Architecture Book Survey

This is a follow-up to my earlier post about my new Revit book due out later this year. I know that the… more

New Book on Revit and Classical Architecture

My book on building classical Revit families will be published before Autodesk University this year!

Planting Columns

The last few months have been busy with work and alas I have not gotten a chance to revisit my Revit classical… more

Create a Groin Vault Roof in Revit

I received an email today asking me how to model a groin vault in Revit. In lieu of an email reply, I decided to record a quick video to show the basic steps.

Corinthian Update

Making progress on the Corinthian column

Classical Shades

Some days you start out with your agenda and your planned activities for the day and you know exactly what you plan… more

Classic Follow-up

This is a followup post on my “Revit Does the Classics” post. I have continued to work on the Corinthian capital and… more

Revit does the Classics

Can Revit do classical Architecture? you bet it can. I am working on a project to describe how to build highly detail and fully parametric classical column families. Interested?



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