Revit Technology Conference Wrapup

I have just returned from this year’s Revit Technology Conference in Stone Mountain, GA. Thank you to events management for another fantastic event. RTC is a conference by Revit users for Revit users. They like to refer to it as the ultimate user’s group and it really is. This was the second year for the North American event (last year in Orange County, CA). The event began in Australia several years back and according to the event’s founder Wesley Benn, this was the fourteenth event! Borrowing elements from both user groups and other similar conferences, RTC combines many elements to create a very successful event. There are dozens of classes by industry experts from around the world. The content in the classes tends to be very focused and at a more advanced level than you get at other events. This appeals to RTC’s attendees as they tend to be drawn more from the power user ranks as well. Classes are accompanied by many networking events. RTC is as much about networking as it is about classes. The schedule is designed to provide lots of time in the hallways to talk to piers and catch up on the latest technologies in the exhibit hall. There are also plenty of social events designed to further enhance this face-t0-face interaction. You can find the group quite active online as well. Try the Linked In group.

The only downside to RTC this year was quite out of event management’s control. The temperatures outside were closing in on 110. Stone Mountain is a terrific Atlanta area attraction but most of its draw is its outdoor activities. Sadly with the heat at these levels, we were unable to enjoy many of its offerings.

I don’t think I am scooping anything here when I say that next year’s RTC North America will be in Vancouver! I have never been to Vancouver so I am looking forward to that one. RTC Australasia will be in Auckland New Zealand next year, and there will be a third event in Europe for the first time! This one will be in Delft in the Netherlands. If your job has anything to do with Revit and other related technologies, I promise you that RTC has something to offer you. Hope to see you at one of these events next year!

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  1. Edlira Sema says:

    Thank You for keeping everyone informed on Revit Important Events. I am an avid follower of your website and blog and hope to meet you in person at Boston’s CAD Bootcamp. I have visited Vancouver – CA , pearl of the Pacific they say , and the best part is the trip to the Vancouver Island and Victoria’s where the most magnificent beauty of the nature is revealed.

    Thank You,
    Edlira Sema

    • Paul F. Aubin says:

      Thanks for the comments. I appreciate it. I will not actually be at the Boston CAD Camp. I am slated for Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis.

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