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After a very challenging travel experience I finally made it to Australia for the Revit Technology Conference. This is my first time to the land down under and my first time speaking at RTC! My original flight was scheduled to go through Dallas/ Fort Worth on Monday and due to extreme weather pummeling the Midwest was cancelled. This left me stranded before I even began my journey and wondering if I would make it to the conference at all. After several hours of phone calls to the airlines and two days of delays waiting for an available flight I rebooked on a flight through Los Angeles and made it to the conference. I got off the plane, got through customs and headed straight for the hotel and was on stage shortly thereafter (with 20 minutes to spare) to give my first presentation. Jet lag would have to wait!

The terrific RTC hosts and planners rearranged the schedule to accommodate my missed flight. I had been scheduled to speak the first day of the conference, but with my delayed arrival, this was not possible. Instead they rearranged everything so that I could still give all three of my sessions! Thank you to the RTC team and all the attendees who also rearranged their planned sessions to attend. It was terrific to have such a wonderful turnout.

I quite enjoyed the conference. It is smaller than Autodesk University and has a much more intimate feel, but it is every bit as informative. Everything is well organized, the venue has nice amenities and is very convenient to the conference. The RTC committee pays attention to many small details which give the conference a very personal feel. They have assembled a great bunch of speakers and I was able to attend a few sessions when I was not speaking and they were quite enjoyable. A very nice touch at the end of the final day is the Glorious Gadgets and Conference Wrap up Session. Here they get everyone together, to a fun and informative final session that is light and informal – almost conversational. They show some cool tech, summarize highlights from the conference and many sessions and end with a discussion of things to come. Overall, well done.

Naturally I wish my stay would have been longer, but alas, I am back on my flight back to the States early tomorrow morning. However, in just four short weeks I get to participate again; this time in RTC USA! If you haven’t signed up yet, please consider coming out to Huntington Beach, CA this June for an information packed three days with many of the industry‚Äôs best known Revit experts. Having experienced the kind of show they put on here in Australia, I can say that you won’t be disappointed! Hope to see you there.

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  1. Steven Shell says:

    Hi Paul,
    Glad to hear that you did make it and had a great time! I too am presenting at my first RTC this June. Looking forward to it!
    And, looking forward to jamming with my band and all of you for the ending party….and really looking forward to my friend, Stephen Stafford, sitting in with us on 4 or 5 cool rockers!
    Should be a fun party and a great opportunity for learning! (Did I get the order right?)

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