Revit Timeline at this year’s RTC

What do Doc Brown’s DeLorean and Revit Phasing have in common? Well you’ll just have to come to Revit Technology Conference this June and see!

I just finished my class materials for my session: Revit Timeline: Existing, New, Demo… Future?

This will be a hands-on lab which means participants will get to follow along in a short tutorial showcasing Revit’s phasing features. Here is the course description:

Revit has a pretty ingenious way of dealing with project phasing. You do not manually configure each object as new, existing or demo. Rather, phases in Revit are like points in time. You develop a timeline of your project’s life-cycle and then each object is plotted along this timeline. You can view any point in the past, present or if you are clever, the future as well by creating phase views. “Existing” happened before the project began. Any number of “new construction” phases can be configured after this point. Demolition however is not a phase. Instead it is the point in time where an object’s “life” ends. Sound intriguing? In this session we’ll learn how to set up phases, configure views and display demolition, existing and new construction in appropriate ways. As if that weren’t enough, we’ll even explore a little work-around to overcome Revit’s inability to display future work. Intrigued now? Well what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

I’ll be presenting at session 5, 4:30 PM on Thursday. There are dozens of outstanding speakers on this year’s schedule. So if you haven’t already registered, you owe it to yourself and your professional development to visit the site and check it out.

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