Generic Annotations in Revit

Jul 2, 2013

Generic Annotation families can have labels that report the same parameters that are used to flex the family! Cool.


Jun 23, 2013

Even on very small scale projects, BIM produces benefits! Survey

Jun 20, 2013

Let your voice be heard! Take the CAD survey.

Split Roof in Revit

Jun 16, 2013

I noticed a post on the Revit Users Forum on LinkedIn today, and I thought I would create a quick reply. The… more

Planting Columns

Jun 2, 2013

The last few months have been busy with work and alas I have not gotten a chance to revisit my Revit classical… more

Create a Groin Vault Roof in Revit

Apr 30, 2013

I received an email today asking me how to model a groin vault in Revit. In lieu of an email reply, I decided to record a quick video to show the basic steps.

Revit Architecture Book Updates

Apr 24, 2013

My publisher Cengage decided to take a different approach to many of its CAD titles last year. The title of my Revit… more

Mass Colors

Apr 17, 2013

I saw a question on the LinkedIn Revit Users Ireland group and thought I would post a quick reply here since you… more



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