Holiday Wishes

Dec 22, 2010

Hello all. As we wind down the week and the year, I hope that everyone gets some time to spend with friends… more

Autodesk University – Day 3

Dec 2, 2010

Well that came quick! Hard to believe it is day three and I am sitting in my last class. I am done teaching. My fifth and last class was an hour ago.

Autodesk University – Day 2

Dec 1, 2010

Hard to believe it is already December 1st and the second day of AU! It was a good day today at AU.

Autodesk University – Day 1

Dec 1, 2010

AU is in full swing… the general session… was pretty impressive. From cool totally electric cars, to microwave powered commercial space craft to cloud computing and sexy cyborgs.

Autodesk University – Day 0

Nov 29, 2010

Arrived late last evening after a smooth flight in. Today is all the pre events, culminatining in various welcome parties this eveing.

New AutoCAD Books have arrived

Nov 16, 2010

We have suffered some unfortunate delays this year, but I am pleased to finally have the books out on the street and ready to go. If you wish to learn more, you can visit the book pages…

Hey, I won the “goodest”

Nov 1, 2010

Having entered the  2nd Annual Parametric Pumpkin Carving Internationale! it appears my entry made the list! I was awarded the title of “goodest”.

Don’t forget to Vote!

Nov 1, 2010

Tomorrow is election day. I am not here to promote a particular candidate or agenda. I just want to be sure that everyone votes! Please get out there and vote.



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