New Video Series by the Revit Kid

Well the Revit Kid has done it again. In his latest installment of the BIM After Dark series, he gives you a tour of the family editor. The family editor is one of the more challenging parts of Revit to master and in his usual casual style Jeffrey delivers a solid course that take you from feeling intimidated and overwhelmed to confident and competent!

BIM After Dark

My favorite part of this series is the diversity of examples showcased. From experience I know that part of the challenge of teaching the family editor is showing examples that seem real and relevant to the audience. From the first example that shows a simple table you can buy at Ikea through adjustable door swings, adaptive components, custom countertops and curtain wall panels, this series has plenty of practical examples to spark and maintain your interest. I love that about the series.

There are also plenty of tips along the way, so be sure to take your time going through each lesson so you don’t miss any little gems that Jeffrey sprinkles in along the way. My favorite of these was the lock checkbox in the “Family Types” dialog which until this series, was never adequately explained in any of the materials I have seen.

So whether you are just getting into the family editor for the first time, or are a seasoned family author looking for new tips and tricks, BIM After Dark Volume 3 has something for you. Check it out today!
Here is the link to learn more and purchase.

Oh, and it looks like he only has the cart open for three days, so hurry…

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