Many people have emailed me over the years about digital versions of my books. Digital versions are starting to become available for some titles like The Aubin Academy Master Series: Revit Architecture 2011. This title (and a few others) is available for purchase and rental as an eBook from three outlets. Many of you may prefer a good old fashioned paper-based book. But for those who prefer a digital edition, these are three options: 

Amazon Kindle:

With Amazon Kindle, you have three options: use an actual Kindle device, download the Kindle for PC application or download the app for iPod, iPad and iPhone. Kindle has search, highlighting and note taking features. Another nice feature is that all figure references are hyperlinked back to the images.

Barnes & Noble Nook:

You will need to set up an account with Barnes & Noble. You can use an actual Nook device, or you download their Nook Study application. This application will allow you to download the digital version of the book to your computer, read it onscreen, add notes and highlight sections. You can even make links between areas of the text and of course it includes full text search. I was able to download the entire book for a 7-day free trial.

CengageBrain eChapters:

I do not have a sample of this. (Amusing since this is my publisher’s site). They have rental options of 6 mo, 1 yr and 2 yr. You can also buy individual chapters. This is the only one of the three that offers individual chapters. Also, my understanding of the CengageBrain option is that these are PDF files unlike the other two which are digital editions that must be read in the appropriate reader applications.

Anyhow, if anyone is interested in digital versions, there are all your options. Enjoy.

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