Autodesk University – Day 3

Well that came quick! Hard to believe it is day three and I am sitting in my last class. I am done teaching. My fifth and last class was an hour ago. Today I taught Make a Strong Finish! Revit® Interiors and Finishes at 8 AM! Not cool. I got there just a few minutes before and without coffee! First hour was tough. I was not running on all cylinders. I got some coffee at break and it got better from there. Feedback from the class was good though. I also taught The Ultimate Door Schedule in AutoCAD® Architecture. This was a smaller class, but the group seemed to enjoy it.

I did get a chance to attend some classes today and David Fano’s Parametric Design Modeling with Autodesk® 3ds Max® was awesome. I have not used Max in some time and some of the stuff he was modeling was just awesome.

At the exhibit hall, I got my head scanned (photographed actually) and it will be converted to 3D! Cool. This is an Autodesk Labs project mentioned on the main stage. Looks awesome.

Not sure what is on tap for tonight. There is no party this year, so we’ll see what folks do. That’s all for now…

2 Responses to Autodesk University – Day 3

  1. Satyen Rawal says:

    I just came across your activities related to Autodesk.
    Impressive progress!!

    I do recall attending your lecture few years ago.

    Best Wishes
    -Satyen Rawal

  2. Paul F. Aubin says:

    Did you make it to AU this year? Always a good time. Thanks for the comment.

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